Information for visitors with individual needs

The Sciencentre is located on Level 1 of Queensland Museum.

The information on this page relates to services, facilities and resources across the whole Museum, including the Sciencentre.

We aim to provide equitable access to all visitors.

Access to the building

Facilities include:

  • Parking spaces for people with a disability on the lower level of the car park
  • Lifts from the car park to the Level 2 main entrance
  • Connecting lifts to other levels of the building, including to the Terrace level in Collectors Cafe
  • Disabled toilet facilities on Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2

Wheelchair access & availability

All entrances and areas in the Museum are wheelchair accessible.

You can borrow a wheelchair for use within the Museum from Visitor Services (Level 2). They are free of charge and subject to availability.

Space for wheelchairs and prams is set aside at all of our public programs, including lectures, workshops, shows and activities.

There is seating around the Museum, and seating/eating areas in the Courtyard Café (Level 2) and ENERGEX Playasaurus Place (Level 0).

Adaptive technology

We have a range of adaptive technology devices to enable people with a disability to access our resources.

You can ask our staff for basic help with using these devices.

You can use:

  • Magnifying glasses
    Ask at Visitor Services (Level 2), Discovery Centre (Level 3) and the Sciencentre (Level 1).
  • MicroEye: table-top magnifier with screen
    Ask at the Discovery Centre (Level 3).

Written representations of our audio visual presentations are available from Visitor Services (Level 2) and the Discovery Centre (Level 3).

Public payphones

There are public payphones with variable volume control and induction loop on Level 0 and Level 2.

A TTY keyboard for use with the public payphones is also available on Level 2.

Exhibitions, programs & resources

Exhibitions and programs are multi-modal and support a range of senses, providing visual, auditory and tactile experiences.

Exhibitions and programs use a range of objects and materials that you can touch. Most of these items are not attached and can be bought to you or are within physical access of a visitor in a wheelchair.

The Sciencentre on Level 1 supports visual, auditory and tactile experiences.

Companion Card

We recognise the Queensland Government's Companion Card program.

Companion Card holders are entitled to free entry.

More information

If you have questions about individual needs please contact us:

  • Phone: + 61 (0)7 3840 7555
  • Fax: + 61 (0)7 3846 1918
  • Email:
  • Online: Contact form
  • At the museum: ask our staff at Visitor Services (Level 2), Discovery Centre (Level 3) or Sciencentre (Level 1).