People List

  • Dr Paul Muir

    Acting Curator of Corals, Natural Environments Program

  • David Parkhill

    Assistant Curator, Science & Technology, Cultural Environments

  • Darryl Potter

    Collection Manager, Molluscs & Crustaceans, Biodiversity Program

  • Jeff Powell

    Harry West Curator of Heritage Trades, Cultures & Histories Program

  • Dr Robert Raven

    Head, Terrestrial Biodiversity & Senior Curator, Chelicerata, Biodiversity Program and Chairman, Animal Ethics Committee, Queensland Museum

  • Tracy Ryan

    Curator, Queensland Stories, Cultural Environments Program

  • Dr Owen Seeman

    Collection Manager for Arachnida and Myriapoda, Biodiversity Program

  • Conni Sidabalok

    PhD Student in Marine Biology from James Cook University, internship at Museum of Tropical Queensland

  • Kristen Spring

    Collection Manager, Geosciences Program

  • Dr John Stanisic

    Honorary Research Fellow, Biodiversity Program

  • Geoff Thompson

    Collection Manager, Insects, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Federica Turco

    Post Doctoral Fellow, Entomology, Biodiversity Program

  • Joanne Wilkinson

    Senior Fossil Preparator, Palaeontology and Geology, Geosciences Program

  • Pam Wilson

    Research Assistant, Geosciences Program

  • Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer

    Research Fellow and Molecular Identities Lab Manager, Biodiversity Program

  • Susan Wright

    Collection Manager, Entomology, Biodiversity Program

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