Dr Steve Van Dyck

Steve's research interests have centred on taxonomic studies of carnivorous marsupials in Australia and Papua New Guinea and the documentation of the status, distribution and ecology of various rare and threatened Queensland taxa.

Steve Van Dyck

More detailed attention has been given to the following species:

  • Atherton Antechinus (Antechinus godmani)
  • Cinnamon Antechinus (A. leo)
  • ¬†White-footed Dunnart (Sminthopsis leucopus)
  • Kakadu Dunnart (S. bindi)
  • Mahogany Glider (Petaurus gracilis)
  • Eastern Pebble-mound Mouse (Pseudomys patrius)
  • New Holland Mouse (P. novaehollandiae)
  • Burrowing Bettong (Bettongia lesueur)
  • False Water-rat (Xeromys myoides).

Steve was a quarterly contributor to the popular natural history magazine 'Nature Australia' from 1991 until its demise in 2006. He recently co-edited the latest (3rd) edition of the popular book Mammals of Australia with its original editor Ron Strahan.

He is a committed whale-undertaker who, with his colleague Heather Janetzki, embrace the decaying whale with a passion that borders on the certifiable. At home he juggles a caring wife, a bassoon, and an aviary of African weavers with his life-long interests in classical music, alcohol, curries and Sebright bantams. He is a proud father of two children who have long-since fledged and flown to less confused skies.


Senior Curator of Vertebrates, Biodiversity Program


Dip 2nd Ed, BSc, MSc, PhD

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