Kristen Spring

Kristen Spring assists in the management of the Queensland Museum Geosciences Collections, which include rock, mineral and fossil material, all of which is housed at an offsite storage facility at Hendra.

Kristen Spring

She joined the museum in 1999 after completing her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Earth Science.  Kristen began in a technical role and has extensive field and preparation experience.

Working with the collection includes doing the following on a daily basis:

  • Registering specimens into the collection.
  • Organising specimen storage, movement and handling to ensure long-term preservation.
  • Maintaining and updating a digital ‘catalogue’ for all of the collection material.
  • Organising loans, in and out, between other institutions for research and display.
  • Organising the collection to enable the curators and researchers to locate material easily.

She is currently doing her Postgraduate Diploma in Museum Studies, and hopes to use this to further benefit the long term preservation and care of the Geosciences Collections.


Assistant Collection Manager, Geosciences Program



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