Mind Benders

Examine how we perceive and construct understanding from information around us. Can you solve the puzzle?

Soma Cube
Can you build a cube with these shapes? What other patterns can you make?

Tower of Brahma
Try to solve the puzzle - how many moves will you take to move the stack of discs?

Room for confusion
Welcome to a most extraordinary ordinary room. Strange things happen to those who go inside. Take a closer look.

Wonky walk

Wonky walk
Do the walk. Is it you, or the tunnel, that gets wonky? You be the judge.
Warning: Do not enter just after a meal!

Happy or sad?
If you think it's easy to tell if someone is happy or sad, then look at these two faces.

What you see
Try these optical illusions. They are designed to trick you, so some of what you see is really not there at all!

A child's world
Have you forgotten what it's like to be little? Take a seat and find out.

Four in a row
If you like playing noughts and crosses then this is the 3D game for you. The rules are the same, but the game is more of a challenge.

Build a die
So you know there are six numbers on a die, in dice-play, but try making a die from our series of blocks. This will really test your 3D skills.

Pack the parcels
How good are you at packing things into small spaces? Can you fit all the parcels exactly into our box so nothing sticks out?

Disappearing body
Put your head through the hole. How do you look? Do you believe what you see? Great photo opportunity!

Free or knot
Take the challenge with a friend to free the ropes. Can you use maths to escape?

All exhibits are serviced regularly. However, due to high usage and volume of visitors, on occasion some exhibits might be undergoing routine maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience.