Body Works

Explore important parts of the human body and discover how they work together to keep you going.

Biking with Bony

Biking with Boney
Hop on our bike and ride tandem with our skeleton. Look at some joints, yours and his - or is it hers? Explore the special joints we've made just for you!

Hundreds of bones
We have a 'skeleton in our closet', as well as an Emu egg and a table leg. They'll help you think about the size, shape and job of each of your bones.

Body bits
Have you ever puzzled over what's inside you, what the bits do and how they all fit together? Play with our human jigsaw and find out.

Brain at work
Check out your brain. Find out which part allows you to see, hear, speak, move or remember.

What's your number?
Measure your height and weight, and crunch these into the computer to reveal your special number. Find out what it means.

Family features
Work out where the blue and white discs go with a friend. Match them to your features to find out just how similar, yet different you are.

One of a kind
Take a good look at yourself. Try the tongue trick. Touch the screen. Has anyone else recorded exactly the same features as you? (symbol) Check your vital statistics!

All exhibits are serviced regularly. However, due to high usage and volume of visitors, on occasion some exhibits might be undergoing routine maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience.