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The human body is an amazing and complex thing. The interconnected systems, the different organs and functions all work together to produce a being that can walk, talk, breath, think, eat and play.

Humanoid Discovery presents the human as a study object. Students to the exhibitions enter with a mission to study the human beings which inhabit Earth. This external view of the complex workings of the body systems, organs and functions will provide a different angle for students to learn about themselves and discover all about the human body. 

The exhibition explores:

  • human senses and the brain
  • the circulatory system
  • the respiratory system
  • the digestive system
  • human development
  • human vision
  • muscles/movement

Each of the 22 interactive exhibits presents one or more bodily functions, explaining the physiology and science and providing facts, figures and intriguing information that will present the body in a whole new light. The interactive exhibits allow students to test aspects of their own bodies and develop an appreciation for how extraordinary their body actually is.

Schools and Groups will have 40 minutes in this exhibition, as part of their 2 hour Sciencentre visit.

Training Guide

Teachers may wish to download the Training Guide worksheet for use within the exhibition. This training guide uses the narrative of the students being a visitor from outer space.
Welcome to Humanoid Discovery. Your mission is to visit Earth to study humans. You will morph into a human and conduct several experiments to investigate these life forms, then report back some of your findings. Good luck!
The Training Guide is located at the end of the Education Kit (5448 KB) pdf document icon. Working in small groups is strongly recommended for younger year levels.

Education Kit

An Education Kit (5448 KB) pdf document icon has been developed to support a visit to Humanoid Discovery. The Education Kit includes Teacher Notes, Curriculum Links, Exhibit Descriptions, Activities for Pre, During and Post (year 3 – 10), Activity Cards for Early Childhood, Misson to Earth worksheets, Training Guide worksheet. Teachers may copy material in this document for educational purposes.

Teacher Preview

Book now for our free Discover more - Humanoid Discovery teacher program on 10 February 2015, 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Email education@qm.qld.gov.au to make your booking.

Curriculum links

The human body is something which is immediately familiar to students, yet also extraordinarily complex and detailed. While this exhibition has been specifically designed for students aged 5 – 12 years, the themes and exhibits support aspects of the Australian Curriculum from Prep – year 11. This makes this exhibition a rich learning experience for all year levels.
Direct curriculum links exist for Biological sciences in Year 8 & 9. Links also exist for Years 1 – 5. Download the Humanoid Discovery Curriculum Links (56 KB) pdf document icon table for full details.

Humanoid Discovery - produced by Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.