Humanoid Discovery

Lie on a bed of nails An exhibit about skin

Welcome to Humanoid Discovery. Your mission is to study the human beings which inhabit this planet called Earth. You will conduct several experiments to investigate these life forms.  How do their muscles work under Earth’s gravity? What happens to their heart when they exercise? Can their brain control many functions at once? How do they taste the food they eat and where does that food go? Get the inside knowledge on how the human body functions.

Humanoid Discovery presents the human as a study object. Visitors explore their own bodies from a different perspective. This external view of the complex workings of the body systems, organs and functions will provide a different angle for visitors to learn about themselves and discover all about the human body.

Humanoid Discovery will allow you to lie on a Bed of Nails (if you dare) and test your pain receptors, see your shrinking pupil with your own eyes, use your senses to explore tastes, smells and mystery sounds, and explore the gurgling in your guts.
With exciting hands-on exhibits, this is one exhibition that will help you get to know yourself!

Humanoid Discovery has been designed for humans of all ages.

Admission charges apply. Free entry for MyMuseum members.

Things to see and do 

  • Test your nerves as over 2000 nails deliver a spine-tingling experiences on the Bed of Nails.
  • Peel back the layers to discover what really lies beneath the body’s largest organ in Skin Deep.
  • Find out how long your intestines are with Have you Got the Guts? I hope you wore your runners?
  • Combine food and drink combinations to see what will create gas in Pull my Finger.
  • Discover how high you can jump and explore how your muscles work together in Aim High.
  • Measure your heart rate before and after exercise in Finger on the Pulse.
  • Explore your five senses at the senses testing stations.
  • Can you see out of the corner of your eye? Test the range of your peripheral vision in A Wide View.

Discover more

Discover more with a full description of exhibits for the exhibition Humanoid Discovery.

Learning Resources for Humanoid Discovery

Learning resources highlight the exhibition’s main themes, provides curriculum links and activities for pre, during and post a visit to Humanoid Discovery, and showcases an exclusive teacher preview.  
Humanoid Discovery - produced by Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.

Event Details

13 December 2014 - 12 July 2015
Level 1, Sciencentre
Free with Sciencentre Admission

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