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Exhibit descriptions

Spy file – Pick up your Spy file on entry to the exhibition. Inside the file there is information about the suspects and room to record your findings. Can you solve the mystery?

Spy workshop – Drawing inspiration from James Bond films, this exhibit comprises gadgetry commonly used by spies.

Hidden camera – View security images from four hidden cameras. Can you locate the hidden cameras in Q’s Workshop?

Find the bug – Locate the radio bugs hidden in Q’s Workshop, by watching the reactions on an oscilloscope as you tap various objects. You will need to work with a fellow spy for this task.

Laser maze – Navigate a room full of laser beams without setting off the alarm.

Spy satellite – Use satellite technology to zone in on an area of suspicious activity. Narrow the field of view to get a closer look, to reveal a vital clue.

See in the dark – Use a night vision camera to search for clues in a dark room. What can you see and discover?

Hidden image – Another’s agent’s cover has been blown and he has left behind a hidden message. Can you reveal this image?

Sound beam – Can you find the perfect location to overhear a private conversation between two characters related to the mission? Listen carefully for the clues.

Satellite Tracker – Position your satellite correctly to pick up the secure satellite transmission from Agency head office. Have you tuned it to the correct satellite?

Guess the password – Use your powers of deduction and the clues you have picked up in the exhibition to guess the password that unlocks the computer.

Laser listening – Use the laser beam listening device to eavesdrop on a conversation in a secret meeting. Listen carefully.

Microdot – A newspaper clipping contains a microscopic dot that will reveal a clue. Scan the newspaper and locate the microdot, to discover the hidden information.

Data dump – Inspect the rubbish belonging to three persons of interest. Can you find any information that might help you solve the crime?

Safe breaker – Do you have the skill to crack open the safe and discover the important documents?

The Brainiac tapes – Security cameras at Brainiac HQ have captured some unusual behaviour. What can you see in the security footage that will give you some important clues?

Phone tap – Tap into a phone conversation by using probes on a telephone cable distribution point. What did you overhear?

Code room – Explore codes and ciphers used throughout the centuries. Each code will reveal a little clue about the mystery.

Code computer – Learn some of the key terminology used by spies.

Photo disguise kits – Are you a master of disguise? Have your photo taken and then use a computer to create various virtual disguises. Select the one the best hides your identity.

Who’s talking?  - Distort and change the sound of your voice so you can communicate securely. An audio spectrum analyser displays the waveforms of the various sounds to show the effect of the distortion.

Debriefing room – Enter the debriefing room after completing your mission. View a video revealing the plot and discover if the clues you found and who you suspect of doing the crime, match the true story.

Some exhibits may not be available every day.


Top Secret:Licence to Spy - produced by Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.