Top Secret: Licence to Spy

Top Secret Queensland MuseumAre you ready to discover the secret world of spies and solve the mystery?

Worldwide, agencies are on alert. Radar surveillance suggests boat movements off the coast. Meanwhile, there is evidence of a break in, at the secret headquarters of a large corporation. But are these events linked?

In Top Secret: Licence to Spy, act as a secret agent, uncovering facts and investigating leads to determine which of the suspects, if any, can be implicated in the crime.

Top Secret: Licence to Spy will allow you to see in the dark with a night vision camera, dodge laser beams without setting off alarms, break a series of codes and explore the many disguises used by spies.
With exciting hands-on exhibits, this is one exhibition you won’t want to miss!

Admission charges  apply. Free entry for MyMuseum members.

Things to see and do

  • Put yourself into a James Bond style fantasy, with a mystery to solve.
  • Imagine and view some of the gadgetry commonly used by spies.
  • Break a lock to open a safe containing important documents.
  • Listen to a conversation using a laser beam listening device.
  • Create your very own disguise and see what you would look like.
  • Use spy satellite technology to reveal a hidden clue.
  • Explore codes and ciphers used throughout the centuries. Can you break the codes?
  • Write down notes in your Spy File as you work through the clues and solve the mystery.
  • Head to the debriefing room to compare the clues you were able to discover to the true story.

Discover more

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Learning resources for Top Secret: Licence to Spy

Learning resources highlights the exhibition's key messages, ways that groups can engage with the exhibition and curriculum links.

Top Secret - produced by Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.

Event Details

26 July 2014 - 30 November 2014
Free with Sciencentre Admission