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Exhibit Descriptions

A holographic cultureHey, that robot’s copying me – Robots can have social applications. Interact with the robot and see it analyse and mimic your emotions.

Mind control – Compete with another visitor to see who can move a ball using only their brain waves.

Beam me up – Imagine if teleportation could be the transport of the future. Beam me up can give that illusion.

Invisible me – Make yourself disappear on screen, just like invisibility in the movies.

Augmented reality – Using augmented reality technology, scan a special wristband and see a virtual avatar appear on the screen. What will they reveal about you?

Eye control – Control various computer components using only your eyes.

Projection ball – Imagine the future and compare your ideas with our future projections.

Design a cyborg – Create a customised cyborg of the future. What will your robotic friend look like?

Future past – What did people from the past, imagine their future to look like? Compare to our life today. Did they get it right?

Medibioscan 3000 – Enter the Medibioscan 3000 and see what it reveals about your internal body.

Choose your future – This quiz puts you in the hot seat and challenges you with ethical dilemmas that you might face in the future. Compare your answers to other visitors.

Draw your future – Draw what you think the future might look like. Add your drawing to the wall and compare with other drawings.

A holographic culture – Imagine a 3D hologram appearing out of a mobile phone. Could this be the communication of the future?

Wormholes through space – What is a wormhole and can we travel through one to travel through space and time?

Plasma propulsion – Experiment with high voltage electricity as a means of propulsion. Can it be an alternative to traditional fuel?

Our quantum culture – a classic demonstration of light that underpins quantum physics and explores its links to the possibilities of transporter technology.

Some exhibits may not be available every day.