Learning resources for Science Fiction Science Future

Will science fiction ideas and concepts become the science reality of tomorrow?

Just like science fiction stories, curiosity, innovation and imagination underpin many scientific principles. Science Fiction Science Future incorporates these notions to bring to life many innovations and inventions that were once considered only possible in film and literature.

Hey, that robot's copying meScience and technology work together to change things and change the way we live. Students are encouraged to consider how science and technology are advancing all the time. Having an understanding and awareness of these advances is important for our future and for our ability to make informed decisions.

This exhibition also gives students the opportunity to practice science literacy skills, including:

  • Predicting, imagining, thinking critically, being curious and assessing fictions versus fact; and,
  • Developing positive attitudes to science and scientists, being aware of the positive role of science in society, and being able to engage in social or political debates related to science.

The exhibition contains 16 innovative, interactive exhibits. Many of the exhibits are whole body, multi-user exhibits, enabling students to investigate and learn together. Each exhibit has an interpretation panel that: provides suggestions on how to interact with the exhibit, explores the scientific principles underlying the exhibit, and suggests possible applications of the exhibit phenomena in the real world.

Discussion ideas:

  • Consider how far things have come in the last 20-50 years, due to the advancement of science and technology. Discuss significant advances we have made in just a few decades. Choose an everyday device e.g. television, telephone, computer and trace the change in technology over the past few decades. Imagine the changes in the next 20 years. What has been the impact of these changes?
  • Discuss what is science and what is technology? How has technology changed our lives?
  • Discuss: What are some of the ways technological advancement have changed our lives? Are all of these changes improvements? Are they improvements for everyone or just certain people? Are there any kinds of technology you think should not be developed?