Science Fiction, Science Future

Are you ready for science fiction to become a reality? If you thought teleportation, holograms, invisibility and mind control were only in the movies - think again. Science Fiction, Science Future will allow you to move objects with your mind, turn invisible right before your eyes, be mimicked by a life-like robot and see augmented reality in action.


With exciting hands-on and full-body experiences incorporating robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms and augmented reality, this is one exhibition you won’t want to miss!


Admission charges apply. Free entry for MyMuseum members.




Things to see and do

  • Move an object with your mind. Compete against other visitors to see whose brain takes control.
  • Draw what you think the future might be like. How do your ideas compare to other visitors?
  • Design a cyborg using organic and synthetic computer parts. What will your augmented reality robot look like?
  • Interact with a robot and see it analyse your emotions and mimic them.
  • Make a decision about ethical dilemmas from the future, such as wearing an identity chip. How do your decisions compare to others.
  • Wear your augmented reality wristband and see what it reveals about you.

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Learning Resources for Science Fiction Science Future

Learning resources highlight the exhibition’s key messages and provides discussion ideas for pre or post a visit to Science Fiction, Science Future

Produced by Scitech, Perth, Western Australia.

Event Details

20 July 2013 - 13 July 2014
Free with Sciencentre Admission