Learning resources for Playing with Light

In drawing together Play and Light, this is an exhibition experience like no other.

Light is fundamental to our every day lives. With so many applications from the apparent simplicity of vision, the beauty of rainbows, to the high tech world of fibre optic communication, light provides the basis for much of our technology. Play offers the opportunity for open-ended exploration and creativity but most importantly, it enables learning through experimentation.

Key messages

  • Light plays a vital role in our daily lives. The optics of our eye, light phenomena in nature and a range of applications.
  • Science helps us to describe and explain the behaviour of light and to discover even more about the world around us.
  • Play and experimentation are important for learning. The range of open ended, interactive exhibits provides opportunities for students to ask questions, investigate and draw conclusions, which enables students to improve their own scientific literacy. 

Visiting the exhibition

Playing with Light provides learning opportunities for all year levels, though it has been specifically targeted at students from Year 1- 8. The exhibition contains 22 innovative interactive exhibits and information kiosks that explore basic physics principles, in a fun and playful way. Many of the exhibits are whole body, multi-user exhibits, enabling students to investigate and learn together.

Each exhibit has interpretation panels that provide suggestions on how to interact with the exhibit, encourage exploration of the scientific principles underlying the exhibit, and give applications of the exhibit phenomena in the real world.










Learning Resources

Light, Reflection, Refraction and Absorption - Year 5 Unit. This Unit covers all areas of light in the Australian Science Curriculum.

Light themed Loans Kits for your school
Borrow kits for pre or post investigation back in the classroom.

  • Hodson Light Box – kit includes Hodson Light Box, prisms, laser, mirrors and more.
  • Light Kit – includes resources, curriculum notes and activity sheets.