Discover more Playing with Light

Exhibit Descriptions

Laser dodge – Explore the properties of laser light as you dodge a series of laser beams without activating an alarm. This is a whole-body, multi-user exhibit.

Sticky light – Interact with a beam of light as you explore the possible applications of lasers. This is a multi-user exhibit.

Kaleidoscope – Go into a world of many reflections and multiple images in this giant Kaleidoscope. This is a whole body, multi-user exhibit.

Bendy mirror – Make yourself shorter, taller, thinner, wider with the adjustable bendy mirror. Explore the use of adaptive optics technology. This is a whole body, multi-user exhibit.

Computer vision – watch your shadow come to life with impressive computer vision technology. This is a whole body, multi-user exhibit.

Make a telescope – Build a simple telescope. Vary the magnifying power to discover what you can see.

Light lab – Experiment freely with a range of optical components such as lenses, mirrors and prisms. Explore white and coloured light. This is a multi-user exhibit.

Change your view – How can lenses, filters and other optical components change the way you see the world? Peer through and explore their effect on light.

Colour shadows – Stand, wave, jump or dance in front of a large screen and observe your ‘coloured shadow’. Explore what primary colours make white light and what happens when you block one of these colours. This is a whole body, multi-user exhibit.

Colour mixing – Manipulate a red, green and blue light source to produce colourful overlapping patterns and explore primary colour mixing.

Paint with infrared – Draw on a screen using a virtual paint brush and paint bucket in this high-tech exhibit. This is a multi-user exhibit.

See with a spectroscope – Use a spectroscope to examine a number of different light sources and discover the differences in their spectra.

Colour changes – View different objects under various colours of illumination, including UV light. Explore colour absorption and reflection.

Guiding a light – Make a light bounce down a stream of water as you explore total internal reflection.

Light investigation – Manipulate laser beams and explore the behaviour of light as it travels from one material to another. Explore reflections, refraction and total internal reflection of light.

Fibre optic transmission – Look through an optical fibre. What can you see? Explore fibre optic transmission of data.

Freeze your shadow – Stand, wave, jump, dance as you prepare to freeze your shadow on the wall. Check out your shadow’s shape before it slowly fades away. Also draw on the wall with a UV wand. This is a multi-user, full body exhibit.

See in slow motion – Slow, stop or even make things appear to move backwards using a strobe light.

Hologram – investigate two holograms that appear to be 3-dimensional.

Concave reflections – Can you shake your own reflected hand? Explore the range of images and reflections produced by a concave mirror?

Polarised light – What happens when polarised light passes through a variety of objects? Rotate the polarising filter and view the effects on the colours and patterns seen.

Some exhibits may not be available every day.

In addition to the exhibits, there are three information kiosks which explore three key areas of the science of optics: Light, Colour and Lasers.