Playing with Light

Dodge laser beams, build a telescope, freeze your shadow on a wall or paint with Infrared. Our new Sciencentre exhibition (opening 23 February 2013), Playing with Light, has full-body interactive exhibits that take you into the bright and colourful world of lights, lasers and lenses.

With over 22 interactive exhibits, Playing with Light explores the role light plays in our life and in our world. Prepare to be illuminated! Free entry for MyMuseum members.

Things to see and do

  • Tackle a smoky maze of lasers as you try and weave and duck your way across a room, dodging lasers without setting off alarms.
  • Be a budding artist as you ‘paint with light’ and create colourful creations using an infrared paint brush and virtual canvas.
  • Experiment with lenses, mirrors, prisms and light in the Light Lab.
  • Freeze your shadow on the wall. What shape shadow will you make? Catch it before it fades away.
  • Make yourself taller, shorter, wider or thinner with the bendy, adjustable mirror.
  • See with a spectroscope as you examine different light sources and discover differences in their spectra.

Discover more

Discover more with a full description of exhibits for the exhibition Playing with Light.

Learning Resources for Playing with Light

Learning resources highlight the exhibition’s key messages and showcases resources for teachers, including ideas for pre and post a visit to Playing with Light.

Playing with Light is an exhibition from Scitech.

Event Details

23 February 2013 - 07 July 2013
Free with Sciencentre Admission

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