Discover more Going Places

Exhibit Descriptions

Virtual Earth – Can you find your city on the three- dimensional planet Earth? Rotate it and explore the world in miniature, and consider the amazing technology that enables us to explore the globe.

Flight Simulator – Climb aboard the flight simulator and pilot a plane through the skies. There’s more to it than simply turning left and right.

Hoverdisk – Hop on board a hoverdisk and float across the floor. Learn about how the cushion of air allows hovercraft to travel across roads, sands, water and more.

Rock the Boat – Packing a cargo ship is not easy. Visitors will attempt to prevent capsize while loading blocks onto a ship. Factor in centre of gravity, buoyancy and packing arrangements and get ready for some hilarious results!

Recumbent Racer – Which is best: recumbent or racer? Race a friend to find out which type of bicycle travels fastest up and down hills and how professional cyclists reduce their aerodynamic profile to get the fastest times.

Luggage Loader
– Connecting the right people is a major challenge at airports. Test your own sorting and packing skills in this high-tech game and find out how using mathematics makes life easier.

Sit down – See, feel and sit in a whole range of seats; from sporty tough to luxurious, where science has been involved to design seats that make our transport journeys just that little bit more comfortable.

Vehicle Jigsaw – It’s time to find out just how much fuel your V8 engine with 31 inch rims is using. Choose aerodynamic profiles, engine and wheel types, then pit your car against the raceway to find out just how far you can go on a tank of fuel.

Transport Footprint – Just how much carbon do you produce in your everyday travel? Take the carbon challenge to find out what impact your travel is having on the planet.

Airship – Got that sinking feeling you’ll never get a chance to see or fly an airship? Don’t despair, as this fleet of airships are awaiting your instructions.

Big Engine – Bang! Rrrrroar! That’s the sound of a giant engine roaring to life. See how air and fuel are used to create thrust and why the modern engine is one of the cheapest and most efficient energy providers on the planet…for now.

Aeroplane Mobile – Use your powers of discovery to get the giant aeroplane mobile to spin. Want a clue? Solar technology is involved.

Land Yacht – Sailing is not just for the seas. Try your luck at sailing a land yacht against perilous winds. Travelling downwind is easy – but can you sail into the wind? You will need to use angles and of course, ingenuity.

Virtual Traffic Controller – Have you got what it takes to control the traffic flow in a city? By working cooperatively to prevent catastrophic crashes, virtual city controllers are exposed to the interconnectedness and complexity of transport systems.

Design your Ride – How will future vehicles help us travel our planet? Do you have an idea for the next big transport invention? What would your dream car look like? We want your ideas!

Load the Car – There always seems to be one bag that never quite fits in the car. Can you pack all the holiday gear into the boot? Find out who has the best spatial ability in your family.

Shifting Steel – Did you know that same principles of moving people can also be used to move heavy objects? See if you can shift our heavy weight on nothing but air.

In addition to the exhibits, there are information kiosks with videos, photographs and in depth information for visitors who want to know more.