Learning resources for Whodunit?

Looking for cluesWhodunit? is an exhibition which involves the mystery of a missing rare animal from an animal park and the death of a security guard. Several park members are implicated, and the exhibits comprise forensic science activities which supply information as to who may be guilty. This interactive exhibition explores scientific methods used to solve crimes and engages students and groups in making predictions, recording observations and comparing results and predictions.

Each exhibit in Whodunit? helps students solve the crime using forensic science methods and principles:

  • Main: Collecting physical evidence to examine and draw conclusions from
  • Investigate: Using reflection and analysis to prepare a plan of the investigation
  • Collect: To collect, process and interpret data
  • Communicate: To communicate findings and search for patterns in results
  • Construct: Form explanations and solutions in an organised and logical way
  • Evaluate: To evaluate conclusions, considering the validity of the data
  • Understand: Recognise values on decision making

The exhibition is recommended for students 8 years and above. Teachers should use their discretion when determining the suitability of this exhibition for their students. A teacher preview visit can be arranged through School and Group Bookings.

Teacher Preview

Discover more – Whodunit? teacher program was an exclusive preview of the Whodunit? exhibition, providing teachers with a relaxed opportunity to explore the exhibition, discover our teacher resources and speak one-on-one with Museum learning staff about their specific needs. This program was on Tuesday 21 February.

If you were unable to come to the Teacher Preview, but wish to visit the exhibition to prepare for your school’s visit, contact our Group Booking Officer on education@qm.qld.gov.au or (07) 3840 7608 to arrange for Teacher Free Visit.

Visiting the exhibition

Prior to entering the Whodunit? exhibition a Visitor Services Officer will provide a brief story about the crime and present each student with a Crime File and pencil. The Crime File gives information about each of the suspects, provides space for students to note clues in their Investigator Notes and encourages them to work through each exhibit in order to fill out the Suspect Grid.

Students can engage with each exhibit in any order, as there is no set path through the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, a News Report film, will confirm the suspect. Please ensure someone from your group views the film, so that they can report back to the class.

We recommend preparing your students for visiting Whodunit? by introducing them to the story, talking about the Crime File and discussing Forensic Science and investigating for clues and evidence. Information and activities in the Whodunit? Teacher Resource (1314 KB) pdf document icon will assist your student preparation.

While one Crime File is available per student, teachers may wish to have students work in pairs or small groups.

Curriculum Links

The Whodunit? exhibition will support your teaching in Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour.  Download curriculum links (106 KB) pdf document icon for Whodunit?

Teacher Resources

Download the extensive Whodunit? Teacher Resource (1314 KB) pdf document iconfor information and activities for pre and post a visit to the Whodunit? exhibition.