Electricity Show

Power the TV, switch on your lights, play a computer game, use a remote control car, have a nice hot shower, drive a car or listen to music on your smart phone.  Every day we use electricity in our work, to play, to live and to learn, but what is electrical energy and where does it come from? Electricity is responsible for such diverse natural phenomena as the neurons firing in our brain when we have an idea, and for the destructive power of a lightning strike. Electricity is an amazing and powerful energy that we use every moment of every day.

In this new Science Theatre Show, we will spark our thinking as we explore the science of electricity in a hands-on way.

The Electricity Show is presented as an added opportunity for learning and fun within the Sciencentre and provides a different way for visitors to engage with science. Science Theatre Shows are presented using a range of everyday props and visitors are active participants in the show, either as volunteers with the demonstrations, asking and responding to questions and sharing ideas and explanations.

During the show various scientific concepts will be explored. Concepts may include:

  • Electrical energy (electricity is a form of energy)
  • How energy can be transferred or transformed into another form of energy.
  • What is electrical energy?
  • How we make electrical energy (generating electrical energy
  • Batteries (chemical energy)
  • Generators (mechanical energy)
  • Solar panel
  • How electricity moves Current electricity and circuits (moving charges) Static electricity (static charges)

Show topics and times may vary on weekends and public holidays, and are subject to change without notice.
Show times on weekdays during Queensland school terms are dependent on school bookings.
Please check latest information upon arrival at the Sciencentre.


Learning Objectives and Curriculum

  • Understand that science is part of everyday life.
  • To promote the fun, excitement and curiosity of science.
  • Engage with materials (either real or role play). 
  •  Explore scientific concepts such as energy, electrical energy and electricity, generating electrical energy: batteries, mechanical generators, wind and solar, circuits and pathways, current electricity, switches, how we use electricity and energy transformation, and static electricity.
  • Question and explore natural phenomena, make observations, predict outcomes and test group ideas.
  •  Explain natural phenomena and make links between their observations and the everyday world.

This Electricity Show supports investigation of concepts in the Physical Sciences and Chemical Sciences sub-strands in the Australian Curriculum. Students will also apply Science Inquiry Skills, including questioning, predicting, observing cause and effect relationships and explaining.

During the show the following curriculum-based, scientific concepts will be explored:

Physical Sciences

  • Electricity is a form of energy – electrical energy.
  • Electrical energy can be generated from a variety of sources.
  •  Electrical circuits provide a means of transferring electricity.
  • Electrical energy can be transformed into other forms of energy.
  • Electrical energy can be static or current electricity.

Chemical Sciences

  • Materials have a range of properties and these properties can influence their use.
  • Some of the earth’s resources are renewable but others are non-renewable.

The show will be tailored to meet the needs of the target audience, with age-appropriate language and concepts.


Learning Resources

The Queensland Museum has a range of loans kits and models available for the classroom to support the study of electricity in the classroom. This includes:

  • Energy Kit – explore sources of energy and electrical circuits.
  • Plasma Ball interactive
  • Static Electricity (Fleas) interactive

Visit the QM loans website for a searchable database and borrowing details.


Event Details

22 February 2016 - 16 September 2016
Level 1 Sciencentre
Free with Sciencentre Admission