Light Show

Our world depends on light but have you stopped to think about what it is and how it behaves? Making shadows, seeing ourselves in the mirror and even how rainbows are made all depend on light.
Get ready for a bright and bouncy science theatre show with a range of objects such as torches, mirrors and disco lights to explore the science of light.

  • We need light to see
  • Light is energy
  • Light travels in a straight direction
  • Light can bounce (reflection)
  • White light is made up of all the colours of light – primary colours of light

Show topics and times may vary on weekends and public holidays, and are subject to change without notice.
Show times on weekdays during school term are dependent on school bookings.
Please check latest information upon arrival at the Sciencentre.

Learning Resources

The Light Show supports investigation of concepts in the Physical Sciences substrand in the Australian Curriculum. Students will explore the Nature and Development of Science (Science as a Human Endeavour) and apply Science Inquiry Skills, including questioning, predicting, observing cause and effect relationships and comparing these with predictions.

The Queensland Museum has a range of kits and objects available to support the study of light in the classroom. These include—

  • Light kit which contains equipment to experiment with light, filters, colours.
  • Hodson Light Box kit which contains equipment to experiment with light reflection, refraction, energy changes from light to heat, laser light.
  • Energy kit which contains equipment to experiment with light energy and mechanical energy.
  • Science in a box.

Visit the QM loans for a searchable database and borrowing details.


Event Details

08 July 2013 - 02 February 2014
Free with Sciencentre Admission