Gross Show

Hold your nose and brave the slime in our disgusting new show! Join us as we explore the science of gross things in everyday life, from creepy crawlies to the weird and wonderful workings of the sometimes icky human body.

Our Really Gross Show will explore a number of scientific concepts, such as:

  • Body business¬†
  • Senses and how our bodies react to smells, sights and tastes
  • Marvellous micro-organisms
  • Liquids, forces and the properties of slime

This Science Theatre show complements the Biological Science and Chemical Science sub-strands of the Science Understanding Strand of the Australian Curriculum: Science. The format of the show utilises Science Inquiry Skills such as identifying and posing questions, investigating ideas through demonstrations and hands-on activities, processing information and communicating outcomes.

Show topics and times vary and are subject to change without notice. Please check for the latest information when you arrive at the Sciencentre.

Level 1, Admission charges apply.

Event Details

30 January 2012 - 14 December 2012
Show Zone, Level 1, Sciencentre
Free with Admission

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