Science Theatre Shows

Science Theatre Shows are live theatre shows where the audience become the participants.

Explore scientific concepts. Take part in demonstrations. Bring everyday science to life.

Our science theatre shows:

  • use the science all around us everyday
  • spark your curiosity of science
  • are a fun way to enjoy science.

Show topics and times may vary on weekends and public holidays, and are subject to change without notice. Show times on weekdays during school term are dependant on school bookings.

Please check latest information when you arrive at the Sciencentre.

Fire and Ice Show
10 July 2017 - 08 December 2017
Explore states of matter with supercool liquid nitrogen and hot chemical reactions with fire.
Fire and Ice Show
Holiday Science Theatre Shows
16 September 2017 - 01 October 2017
Be part of the show in the Sciencentre's holiday science theatre shows. Explore scientific concepts, take part in experiments and demonstrations and bring everyday science to life. Topics include the Light Show, Balloon Show, Electricity Show, Sound Show, and Fire and Ice Show.
Holiday Science Theatre Shows