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The Sciencentre offers hours of interactive, science-based fun for kids of all ages (including the 'big kids'!).

There are no 'visitors' at the Sciencentre - everyone is a 'participant'. This place is a 100% hands-on experience!

Current Exhibitions



Play and inspire mathematical curiosity in the hands-on exhibition Mathamazing. Giant puzzles, curious challenges, predictions, probability and more.

Action Stations


Get hands-on with everyday science. Science is everywhere - at home, school, work and play. Discover what makes everyday things tick.

Body Zone


Your body - like you've never seen it before. Challenge it, move it, re-assemble it, confuse it. Collect your vital statistics. For a total hands-on, minds-on, body-on experience - jump in!

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Upcoming Events

  • Holiday Science Theatre Shows

    24 June 2017 - 09 July 2017

    Be part of the show in the Sciencentre's holiday science theatre shows. Explore scientific concepts, take part in experiments and demonstrations and bring everyday science to life. Topics include the Light Show, Balloon Show, Electricity Show, Sound Show, Space Show and Fire and Ice Show.

  • It's Atomic

    04 July 2017 - 06 July 2017

    The everyday world is connected to an invisible world of small atoms. In these hands-on workshops, children discover molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles, construct models, explore the properties of atoms and discover chemical reactions. For children ages 6-12 years.

  • Fire and Ice Show

    10 July 2017 - 08 December 2017

    Explore states of matter with supercool liquid nitrogen and hot chemical reactions with fire.

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