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The Sciencentre offers hours of interactive, science-based fun for kids of all ages (including the 'big kids'!).

There are no 'visitors' at the Sciencentre - everyone is a 'participant'. This place is a 100% hands-on experience!

From 21 January 2018, the Sciencentre will close for redevelopment to create a brand new, state of the art science engagement experience, opening again on 1 July 2018. This is being done in partnership with the Science Museum, London and is sure to be a place of inspiration and wonder.

Current Exhibitions

Perception Deception


Challenge how you make sense of your world by playing with perception, illusions and your senses in this hands-on Sciencentre exhibition.

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Upcoming Events

  • Holiday Science Theatre Shows

    09 December 2017 - 21 January 2018

    Be part of the show in the Sciencentre's holiday science theatre shows. Explore scientific concepts, take part in experiments and demonstrations and bring everyday science to life. Topics include the Fire and Ice Show, Balloon Show, Electricity Show, Space Show, Sound Show, and Light Show.

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